Have A Heart

Westminster, CO 

Serving school age children, their families
and all that are in need


The free used clothing distribution is a large part of what Have A Heart does. 


When clothing is donated it has to be sorted, some must be laundered, and all must be hung on the clothing racks.  Other items that can be donated are shoes, books, toys, school supplies and other small household items.


Twice a month, on distribution day, a lot of clothing and house hold items go out the door with those who need them.  Once again, thank you volunteers!


In 2010 this department, alone, "racked," up 900 plus hours of volunteer time.


If you think you would like to volunteer to help with the clothing work for HAH during the week or on the two Saturday morning distribution days call:


 Virginia Stanley

 (720) 815-KIDZ 


 8:30am - 5:00pm M-F


You would not only be helping those in need, but you would also be helping those who so graciously volunteer.  You would be doing something very rewarding for yourself.



Clothing Drop Box

New address is:

7002 Raleigh

Westminster, CO

 (inside the bus parking area)

The bus parking area is only open

8am to 4pm M-F

Please do not drop off clothes at other times.

Please no mattresses, furniture, pillows, etc.