Have A Heart

Westminster, CO 

Serving school age children, their families
and all that are in need


If you are motivated by wanting to give back to society for all the blessings you have or by wanting to help those in our society that are really in need, then Have A Heart may be just what you are looking for.



Some of our food is donated by individuals, some are purchased from food banks using money that is donated by individuals and service clubs.  Food and money are also donated by television sponsored food drives.


Then people donate their truck and their time to haul, stock, sort and make the food ready for the twice per month distribution day.. 


Clothing, Toys, Shoes, School Supplies & Household Items


Many people donate these items through churches, service clubs and other groups or as individuals.  There is a red donation box at 7002 Raleigh, Westminster (inside the bus parking area) where people can donate these items.


People donate time sorting, hanging, and laundering the clothing as well as the other items.  This takes many people a lot of their time to do these jobs.  Then on two Saturday mornings per month people donate their time distributing these items as HAH gives them away. 




Maybe you would like to donate money to help buy the food, school supplies and so on.  Money is an absolute necessity to buy food from the food bank, backpacks, school supplies, etc.  Some donations come from the Westminster Presbyterian Church through special offerings and from individual donations.  Money has been given by service organizations.


Westminster Public Schools donates the building for our distribution center.


It is important to note that ALL donations go to the recipients because all work is done by volunteers.  Have A Heart only works because of the volunteers, and it works well.


If you would like to make a donation, large or small, for time or money, please make a no-obligation call to:



(720) 815-KIDZ,