Have A Heart

Westminster, CO 

Serving school age children, their families
and all that are in need

I Can Help (Volunteering)

If you're ready to help, please download our Volunteer Information Form, fill it out and return it to the email address at the top of the form.

Download Volunteer Information Form

Volunteering is a special and multi-faceted gift.  Your work at Have A Heart is a gift for our students and their families, but also a life-changing, rewarding experience you'll always remember.


  • If you have a pick-up truck you could help haul food, picking it up from where it is purchased or donated and bringing to the distribution center.


  • You could help with food drives, collecting donations at a donation center.


  • If you want an exceptionally rewarding experience, you could volunteer on the food line twice per month during Saturday morning distributions.


  • If you have time to help during the week or on distribution Saturday mornings, you might want to volunteer to help  in the clothing department. sorting, hanging, laundering and/or distributing clothing, shoes and house hold items.


If you are motivated by wanting to give back for all the blessings that you have, or by a desire to help those who really need your help, Have A Heart may be just the place for you.