Have A Heart

Westminster, CO 

Serving school age children, their families
and all that are in need

Links to Other Helpful Websites

This page consists of links to other websites of other organizations with in the north suburban, metro area that might be of some help in finding helpful assistance.  Feel free to click on any of the links on this page, it should put you into their website.

Westminster Presbyterian Church

The Westminster Presbyterian Church partners with Have A Heart with donations of food and money as well as volunteers.

Growing Home

Growing Home helps homeless families get back into a home.

Smith World Travel

Smith World Travel was the founders of  Have A Heart, and now they manage it from their office.

Community Reach Center

Community Reach Center is a center for mental health wellness in Adams County, north of Denver.

Adams County School District 50

Adams County School District 50 is the school district where the recipients of Have A Heart attend school.  They also supply the building for the Have A Heart Distribution Center.

Westminster Christian Church

The Westminster Christian Church supports Have A Heart with regular volunteers and food drives.

Redemption City Church

The Redemption City Church partners with Have A Heart through food drives and volunteer support.

Food Bank of the Rockies

Much of the food we distribute is purchased from Food Bank of the Rockies.

We greatly appreciate the support of all of our partners!!!