Have A Heart

Westminster, CO 

Serving school age children, their families
and all that are in need

The Have A Heart Distribution Center is kind of hard to find.  It is between Irving Street and Lowel Blvd. on the north side of 72nd Avenue.  You turn in off of 72nd Avenue on the east end of an old two-story building that used to be the Union High School.  The Have A Heart building is behind that old school building and has a sign saying what it is.  Nobody keeps regular hours there, but if you call Annette Vigil at (720) 815-KIDZ, she can tell you when someone will be there.  You can leave donations of food and clothing in the red box.  Please do not leave furniture or anything outside the box.

Get Directions To:
3455 W. 72nd Ave
Westminster Colorado 80030